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Gender and climate change: reflections from the last gender breakfast

By Nicoletta Boi 
The November session of IFAD’s Gender Breakfast Series offered an opportunity to talk about women and climate change. 
Just imagine being a woman having to face hard drought in rural Africa,  trying to make a living from agriculture. Your daily routine would be tougher and busier than men’s, with long and strenuous walks to collect water,  hard manual labour in the field and never-ending domestic and family care work in the household. As a woman, you would be responsible for many activities, but with very limited access to resources, assets and opportunities.
Within this context, we asked: how can climate-related interventions address gender disproportionate effects to achieve overall successful results?  Can climate policies be blind when it comes to rural women's conditions? 
The November session of the IFAD Gender Breakfast series tried to answer these questions. Sophia Huyer, Gender and Social Inclusion Leader, CGIAR Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Secu…

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